Имя: Cynthi Kovach
Место нахождения: Huntsville, United States
На сайте с: December 31, 2007
Оборудование: My camera is a Fugi S2 Pro with an AF nikkor 28-105mm lens. I use various lighting equipment.
Любимые объекты: People - especially children
Биография/Резюме художника
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When I photograph, I try to see beyond that which is in front of the lens. It's the intimate moments between loved ones - or - the thoughts that show on the face of an individual - or - the subtle meaning of an innocent touch that I strive to capture.

Technical proficiency is important in the creation of an exceptional photograph. But I feel so much more fulfilled when a person becomes comfortable enough with me to let me have a glimpse of what is in his/her heart.
Cynthi Kovach (Cynthi)

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