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Need critique about my portfolio, please

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Сообщение размещено02/08/2012, 01:49:32 AM Buffy1982
I would really need some critique about my portfolio.

Thank you in andvace for your time and your advices
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Сообщение отредактировано 02/08/2012, 02:27:28 AM Afagundes
Hi Buffy, you have a very impressive (and extensive) portfolio, animals and pictures of landscapes, specially of italy with beautiful cities in Umbria, Tuscany, Marseille, usually with a wonderful light.

On the other hand you have half the number of uploads as sales, its not bad if you uploaded most of them this year, but you´ve been here since 2008, so I guess you could be doing even better.

So, just a few tips that might help you do even better.

Dont do a descprition as simple as Cathedral, dig deep, and put the name of the cathedral itself, if you remeber at the location, take a picture (might be low resolution) of the places name, or you can check on google maps later (yes, it is hard work), and try allways to fix the vertical lines unless its an intentional effect.
Dont forget to geotag the image.

If you dont use, start using the twitter and facebook Dreamstime tools, they help your images to be more exposed, therefore, more sales.

And keep uploading the good stuff!

I hope this is of any help for you.
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Сообщение размещено02/08/2012, 02:29:37 AM Drago76
sadly, but not to say in criticism area. generally i like your pics....
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Сообщение размещено02/08/2012, 02:36:53 AM Buffy1982
Thank you friends for your advice!:-))
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