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best canon budget for 1500-2000 usd

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Сообщение отредактировано 05/01/2012, 09:07:08 AM Kingstars11
What is the best Canon budget (dslr + lenses) for 1500 -1800 usd for stock photography ?
Canon 550d,24-105mm, PowerShot ELPH 100 HS

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Сообщение размещено05/01/2012, 11:26:26 AM Kenneystudios
Check out the Canon T3i
Canon Rebel 600D T3i Photoshop CS5 Canon Rebel 30D Sony C...

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Сообщение отредактировано 05/01/2012, 12:59:10 PM Jernej5m
Welcome to the red camp :)
Like Kenneystudios said: Canon T3i

Plus my personal opinion
Kit lens: EF-S IS 18-135mm Lens

Extra one, for example one or two of those
+ 70 - 200 f/4L
+ macro lens ( aprox. 100 mm) no matter what kind of brand
+ 50mm 1.8 is also not bad, the cheapest one
600d , EF 24-105/4 L IS USM, EF 50/1.8, macro TA 90/2.8

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Сообщение размещено05/01/2012, 15:01:45 PM AGLphotoproductions
Canon 5d with 50 1.4 and sigma 105mm 2.8

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Сообщение размещено05/02/2012, 07:40:43 AM Treb999
Canon T3i body only for the swivel LCD, Canon 50mm Macro and the Canon 70-200 f4. Plus an older Tamron 17-50mm without VC, sharp lens. Might put you just over the price you have in mind, but you'll cover wide and fairly long plus the macro is a workhorse. Refurbished from the Canon store will save you some. Good luck!
Sony a850, Minolta 50mm f3.5 macro, Canon 70-200 f4, 60d, Ca...

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Сообщение размещено05/03/2012, 07:27:59 AM Kenneystudios
Definately refurbished if you are on a budget. Same product slightly used = same product for less money!
Canon Rebel 600D T3i Photoshop CS5 Canon Rebel 30D Sony C...

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Сообщение размещено05/03/2012, 07:43:52 AM Afagundes
I think a T3i, a 100m USM macro lens is cheap and good for studio and macro, than a canon 17-85 or a set of a 10-22 and a 24-105, but I think that pair would be out of your current budget.

If you choose the 17-85 use photoshop and it will correct the distortion at 17 mm.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II Canon EF 17-40mm USM f/4L Canon EF 24...

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