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Leif Algotsson


Gothenburg, Sweden

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На сайте с: August 13, 2007

Im a man who is 43 years old, I live in Gothenburg, Sweden for almost twenty years now. Originality from the north part of sweden. I love Gothenburg. In my homearea I have a "treasure", a river called Lärje-River. The place where I take most of my pics. You can say that Im a "naturefreak". So most pics are from the nature. Mostly flowers,insects and of course landscapes. Photo and nature is a passion for me and perfect to match them both. You can say that Im semi proffesional with a company called FalconPhoto.
Pentax K10 and Canon S3
Любимые объекты:
Flowers,leafs,insects,landscapes. But also some citylandscapes

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