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Ronald de Jong is a freelance travel photographer and writer, based in Mindanao, the Philippines. His photographs and articles have been published in various magazines and other periodicals around the world. He loves photography and has a deep passion for the Philippines, a country with an amazing array of photographic wonders.

Through his photography he wants to uncover the way he sees the fascinating island of Mindanao, his versatility and ability to respect and understand the local culture and people helps him preserving memories, sharing experiences and to illustrate the essence of the ever present natural beauty of the Philippines and its rich cultural heritage.

Because of his independent character, imaginative mind and free spirit Ronald seldom takes assignments, instead he wants to concentrate on composing inspiring images that will show unforgettable moments, enchanting sceneries, creating stock images and writing. Ronald has traversed several parts of Mindanao extensively in pursuit of his passion, looking for and finding beauty in our everyday surroundings, capturing a wide palette of places and faces.

Ronald de Jong has been at the forefront of the Mindanao Travel Photography scene for more than one decade, documenting the unique culture, hidden treasures and the warm, friendly people of the region. He is especially recognised as an enthusiastic and profound advocate for promoting responsible eco-tourism in Mindanao.

His work has an unique, balanced blend between travel photography, candid shots and photojournalism. None of Ronald’s photographs have been digitally manipulated, his aim is to keep the images true to their origin. It is this straight-forward and no-nonsense approach that makes each of his images a remarkable reflection of reality.
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