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Awesome fireworks pictures! Not an easy thing to capture.

размещено в Chinese National Day in Hong Kong

Great advice, what you need is a curious mind! Lovely photos of nature.

размещено в Being moved by the fallen flower

Love the closeup of the beetles. Great work and technical article, something that will be helpful to many.

размещено в First touch with new full frame DSLR Nikon D850

Angela Ostafichuk


Currently On The Road, Canada
Angela Ostafichuk (Angelaostafichuk)

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Hi, thanks for stopping by!
My name is Angela from Edmonton and somedays I work as a travel photographer picking up a few odds and ends on the side. I love people and visiting new places and have a long list of things I want to see. If you could drop me a line when you buy my photos and let me know where they are being used, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much.

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