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На сайте с: July 30, 2006


Most of my design work and photography comes from the perspective of a Creative Director, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer.

This viewpoint brings a wider picture to the table within the details -- and the final pixel product.

Instead of a lot of specifically confined detail shots, you will get a much larger view to work with in my photography; enabling you to crop how you see fit based on your project needs.

The same is true about my vector illustration and layout work, whose paths are typically left intact for further editing -- rather than expanding, flattening, or merging the independent pieces of the work.

I hope this insight allows your creativity to go wild with the work I have provided here on Dreamstime.

If you have have any specific requests for design you would like to see uploaded here or to my business site, please reach out with your desires and I will do my best to accommodate.
Adobe Creative Cloud Canon 7D

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