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We are Stevenson Photography On Location. Don, Ryan and Cameron, also known as Team Stevenson. We are the trifecta, the Tempe trio recognized by our Arizona and national clients for our superb photography, tireless work ethic and professionalism beyond reproach. We have built a reputation for giving clients more than expected, actually caring for our customers and their photo needs, and for getting the job done right, on time, and on budget. And, for creating an atmosphere during photo shoots which lets people feel relaxed and comfortable. Heck, we just like to have fun when we're working on location. It's what we do! Stevenson Photography on Location is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and Editorial Photographers (EP). Don Stevenson is Team Stevenson's front man and senior photographer and has been since he started the company in 1985. He originally grew up on an Iowa farm, attended several universities and received two degrees in Mass Communications and Sociology. He was one class short of a Social Work degree when photography became a passion. He's been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, walked away from two helicopter crashes and is extremely proud of his wife's nursing career. He loves fishing with his daughter in the Sea of Cortez, hiking in the forest near Flagstaff, and he doesn't have a favorite color. His blog, Dispatches From Nowhere, has received numerous accolades. Rya. Stevenson is Don's oldest son, partner and latest photographer for Team Stevenson. He was on his way to becoming a climatologist - chasing and studying tornados. But tagging along on assignments with his father when he was younger rubbed off, and midway through his junior year of college, Ryan switched majors. He's got a great eye (actually two). And he's analytical and a problem solver. He lives in the town of Maricopa, Arizona with his chocolate lab Bear. He loves the color green and operates a hot new website, eatmorechiles.com. And, he makes incredible salsa. Cameron Stevenson is son number two, partner and the behind-the-scenes mastermind at Team Stevenson. He's a graduate of Northern Arizona University, a man of many talents and wears several different hats here. He's the Director of Stock Photography working closely with our six international picture agencies. He is the resident Photoshop guru, graphic designer and coordinates all of our stock photography p

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