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thanks for reading this, it gives me pleasure to be here expressing my hobby of photography that is more of a profession now, i am a self employed person and apart from my work, i have taken up photography and content creation as my work because it's always been my hobby, and i like doing it.

found DT one of the best agencies to field work, although sales is not what i get best here, but i guess i can go exclusive one day and that should pick up, in-fact i am pondering on that idea as key-wording and uploading at many places is not something i have time for. what i find here interesting is the forums, the community and a very helpful bunch of support staff.

i travel often and though i have not uploaded many travel photos, you may see it in the future when i have the time to finish off and upload. i love to go places, especially forests, old heritage, and out of the crowd places. food is another interest to me, and i like to shoot it too!

what i think should make a successfull stock photographer is consistency and a hard will, while keeping integrity and commitment in work, this is true in every field and giving up is not an option if you are looking for success, well, now that my other area of business are doing ok, i can concentrate more on my passion here, and upload more, let's hope it turns into my main profession in the future as i love this work!

thanks for the time you spent reading, do leave me comments on images and i will really appreciate it, even if you do drop in a critic's line ;-)

i wou
Nikon D90, D3100, D7000, Collection of lenses, tripods, lights, etc. a few computers for render on a small network, Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, and lightroom. 3ds max and a head to think
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food, travel, 3d, illustrations, i got my hands full....

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