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Is pro photography going away??

I have found that most people don’t know what to do when things change. Photography is changing however you will need to know what is fad or real change. I have seen the changes coming with new technologies. The cell phone camera and photography going digital has forced photography to change a lot and in some was not at all. I am not afraid of photography changing at all. In my shop or aca studio thing work a lot like they did in the 80s. Things just got harder and a lot more fun. &... continue reading

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Traveling Turkey Series - 1)

Hello dear readers,I want to introduce Istanbul briefly, the metropolis of huge histories. It is in Turkey, somewhat second capital of the country.Istanbul has about 15 millions people living in. Istanbul has many specialties like:- Most of the population stays here, not in the capital city Ankara- Connecting Asia to Europe with bridges- Many traveler transits over here- Every year about 5-6 millions people visit here as tourist- In history, many nations try to conquer back Istanbul after conquest... continue reading

Stock Photography - How to sell your images

In April of 2008, yes, 2008 that’s ten years ago! a Dreamstime contributor frustrated by lack of sells from his uploaded images shared his frustrations with the Dreamstime community, in a brief article, an article that vocalized every new contributor’s frustrations, he poured his heart out, seeking to understand the dynamics of stock photography.The contributor’s article christened, “Waiting for that first sell” may have disappeared in the archives, but the words of that heading still echo... continue reading

Alba Iulia Forress - Romania

Alba Carolina is a fortress built at the beginning of the 18th century in the medieval town of Alba Iulia. Prior to the epoch in which it was built, there were two other fortifications: the Roman Castles of the Legion XIII Gemina and the Medieval Fortress of Balgrad. It is the largest Vauban-style fortress in Romania and Southeast Europe.The Vauban style in which the Alba Carolina Citadel was built offers a note of authenticity to the place, remarked by its seven-pointed star shape with bastions.... continue reading

You Don't Have To Be An Illustrator To Create a Composite

When choosing your images for a composite design, look at the smaller parts of larger images. When I created this photo I wanted to use the lighthouse but create a tsunami effect. I did not have exactly what I wanted in a large wave so I took a beach photo, blew it up and there within the waves was the indentation I wanted to fall behind the top of the lighthouse. Without that subtle difference in the wave, (which I might add was not a tall beach wave) the photo would not have... continue reading

The Stock Photography Industry is Changing Again, Will You Be Able to Change Too?

There is a new and devastating blow hitting the online stock industry, things are going to be changing again and you need to be ready for it if you're a person who wants to generate income from selling images.Before I tell you what is currently happening, let's go through a brief history of stock photography. Before the internet and digital cameras, there were traditional agencies where photographers could provide prints and/or negatives. You generally had to be a high-end photographer because... continue reading

Tip of the week: Illustrations, how to and how not to

We all dread that email, the one that informs us our image wasn’t accepted. Then we proceed to reading it and, sometimes, the refusal reason is: poor execution, followed by - Please pay attention to: poorly traced/auto-traced and scanned images, noise and inaccurate texturing on 3D renders, aliased/jagged lines, banding effect on gradients, noise/distorted pixels on various textures and images used within the illustration, unwanted orphan stripes/lines across your illustration, blurry illustration... continue reading

When night becomes more colorful than day

... a night at Haneul (sky) park....Haneul (Sky) park is one of the most visited parks in Seoul Korea among tourist. You may see lot of Instagram photos with the beautiful landscape of the park as back drop, usually taken during daytime when natural lights shows the spectacular view of the vast grass fields.The park is located near the Seoul World Cup Stadium. You may ride a shuttle or climb 291 steps stairway to reach the park. The view is breathtaking as it allows you to... continue reading

Stock Photography - 5 Secret ideas by Successful Microstockers

Let's talk money, earned money, stock images, is your creative work selling? Lets phrase it differently how do you get your images to stand out amongst millions, are prospective buyers clicking on your images? Successful stock images must communicate intent. Art directors and other buyers of stock images look for the intent to communicate. As a photographer, you perceive, see and feel your subject, however your camera does not capture this emotions. Art Directors buy images that show authentic... continue reading

Dog Rescue Photography: Bear

“Bear” was a happy boy! He was definitely one of those dogs that nothing could get him down. He was always enthusiastically barking at his kennel when staff arrived so he could go out for a walk. Sometimes, in his excitement, he’d take us for a walk! What a fun fellow he'd make in any home.He was picked up stray by a Walton County Animal Control officer on November 30, 2018. He had on a bright orange collar, but no tag or chip to find his way home. He sat through the weekend and when... continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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