Maximize your chances to sell - how to easy get to level 5

In the contest " Devil of the details " (the first contest on Dreamstime that I joined), I was on 4th place, really close to 3th place and this made me want even more, to participate to the next contest. So, in the contest " Wallpapers " I maximized my chances with 9 photos uploaded. This time, I have uploaded photos and illustration with different thematic. I realized that, even if, I don't win, the contests helps a lot in making my account and photos visible by escalating them at level 5.

Having at least one photo escalated in each category that you want helps, in raising the chance to sell.I say that because even if, you have a really great photo or illustration that you have put many work hours to make it, even if, you have perfect key-wording and description, the chance that you will sell that photo or illustration is low, if that are hundreds of pages.

For example, if you search "blue eyes cat" there are 287 pages and mine is the first from best selling and this did not happened before submitted in contest and escalated at level 5. This is a happy example because others have more then 4000 pages of results.

That is a big jump from not really finding my photo and being on first page.In this contest " Wallpapers " I already sold 4 out of 9 photos that I have uploaded and escalated. The contest and the escalated helped me to sell those photos and from now on, I will try to participate in every contest and even if I don't win, I will win along the run. Why not, you give it a try too?

Blue eyes ragdoll cat beautiful white female cat

Christmas Funny Cartoon Pink Hairy Face Christmas cute postcard

Abstract background colorful rainbow wave wallpaper

Abstract background colorful rainbow wave wallpaper

Light colored soap bubbles Bokeh Background

Photo credits: Alexandra Barbu.

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Thanks! So helpful!


Your welcome, happy to know that it was useful.


I have to try it! :-)


Congrats! Happy to hear, best of luck!


Yes i not win in contest but 9 images accepted and now is lvl5 :)))


Hi! On "Welcome" page, on left is "On assignment" - My neighborhood (the name of the current contest and it has a picture display). On the right side of the page you can find Editors' choice pictures. Merry Christmas!


Hey! Thanks for the article. I am new here and can't find the contest page, can you please help me?


Happy to help!


Thanks for sharing this blogs. Why not, maybe I try...


That is great! Best of luck!


I took your advice and got one into the current mission.


Thank u Allexxe.. I follow your idea and its works :)


Glad to hear, thank you!


It's a great article! I like it! Thanks!


Was a good thing that I first read the blogs on this site before start to upload photos. Great things to learn and your article was very useful.


Hadn't thought of it like that, but indeed, it's a way to get noticed... and thus to sell!


Thank you for seeing me in that way!


You are so talented...


Thanks for sharing you thoughts! Good Article


Thanks Alexxe for the prompt i got it.


Level 5 it is when a photo has more then 25 downloads and it makes it more popular on site and appears in the first pages or even first row depending on the keyword searched. It takes time to have a photo downloaded more then 25 times but exists a way to reach the level 5 faster. If you enter a contest you can choose that the participating picture (if it is accepted) to be escalated at level 5 and your picture will appear as having 100 downloads. You receive more credits from a photo with level 5, when someone's buying it.


Hi Alexxe,I have come across this phrase - "escalate at Level 5 " long before in Dreamstime, but I could not clearly understand what it is. I know it is about entering a contest and the rest is just unclear.


Thank you for your sharing. It is helpful. Enjoy !


Gashicalmy, you can find the contest on "Welcome" page, on left is "On assignment" and on the right are Editors' choice pictures (you can not miss it). The winners were just announced and soon another contest will start. Good luck!


If you would like, you can check my latest two blog posts from my profile page. There are useful tips also in them and funny too.


I am happy that it helps!


Very encouraging article thanks...


This article gives a valuable tip and I am going to try this as soon as the next contest opens up.


I like your bog, and i have a question. Where can i find the contest? i mean, i'm new and i don't know where can i find them, but i want to try!

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