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Bruce Riccitelli


Union, United States

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Graduated from the Germain School of Photography in New York City. Established Creative Photography Unlimited in 1976 in the New Jersey/New York Metro area. Over the years have photographed a variety of subjects for many Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies and graphic designers. In addition to assignment photography, creates conceptual and illustrative images for stock. Penchant for challenging projects both technically and creatively. Working very hard to make it look very simple.

Producing images based on QUALITY over that of QUANTITY.
High resolution digital capture in addition to 35mm film photography. Complete lighting and grip equipment utilizing both tungsten/halogen lighting and electronic flash. Studio and location. Digital post production including extensive retouching capabilities. Maintains a fully-equipped in-house black & white darkroom for film processing and photographic printing which complements our commercial and fine art photography clientele.
Любимые объекты:
Extensive studio lighting expertise. Food, jewelry, metal, glass. Also have considerable lighting proficiency working on location photographing large and small machinery, facilities and building exteriors.

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