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Elizabeth Parodi


Bradbury, United States

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Elizabeth Parodi, originally from Bangor, Maine, became interested in photography when she was able to hold a camera. Her high school offered a black and white photography class and since then her life-long love affair with making images has evolved.

Educated in photography through 30 years of practical experience, Elizabeth Parodi’s professional background includes black and white and color printing, large, medium, and small format photography, and utilizing 35mm and digital cameras. She has specialized in commercial fields such as food, lifestyles, resort, and advertising, including all prep and post.

Elizabeth has traveled extensively, and it is through this travel that she distills a profound perspective and vision that is common throughout her imagery. Elizabeth has cultivated a unique understanding and appreciation for observing and photographing the essence and beauty of the nature which surrounds us all.

In 1998, Elizabeth moved to California, and shortly thereafter fell in love with the San Gabriel Valley where she now resides with her husband, son and many pets.
Любимые объекты:
Nature, animals

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