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Music Files - What's the point????  NEW
Okay - Dreamstime apparently made this push to include music files for production music to round out their offering to production companies, agencies, etc....
создал Jimmadsen,
yesterday at 09:16
44 просмотров
3 собщений
Последнее сообщение: today at 07:16,
добавил Jimmadsen
Additional Format Request Comment
Is there any way to provide a comment for an Additional Formet Request?...
создал Wisconsinart,
4 days ago at 13:41
122 просмотров
9 собщений
Последнее сообщение: yesterday at 05:51,
добавил Wisconsinart
Content filter , keywords.
At this moment if your uploaded image/s contain restricted keywords they will not appear in the search results if the content filter is set to 'on'....
создал Unteroffizier,
on 10/11/2018
91 просмотров
2 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 10/12/2018,
добавил Rik57
Contributor agreement
Where can i find the contributor agreement?...
создал Photofantastic,
on 07/06/2012
3,672 просмотров
1 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 10/09/2018,
добавил Vijim6
Question about model release
Good day!...
создал Scaldkatteri,
on 10/02/2018
89 просмотров
2 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 10/02/2018,
добавил Scaldkatteri
Question on Copyrights and Property Release
A few years ago I submitted a photograph of a US president taken by my father....
создал Wisconsinart,
on 06/27/2017
660 просмотров
3 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 10/01/2018,
добавил Dragliontm
Pending files list, adjustment of order of the photos
I sometimes go back to edit submitted photos in the pending list....
создал Isakwiklund,
on 02/10/2016
1,411 просмотров
3 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/29/2018,
добавил Vijim6
Suggestion: New photos/illustrations should go on a feed
In the future it would be cool and in my opinion generate more sales by adding like a social media feed to Dreamstime....
создал Gluestick,
on 09/28/2018
60 просмотров
0 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/28/2018,
добавил Gluestick
Image recognition and key words suggestions
Hi Would dreamstime consider implementing similar solution to the one that is already in place on other agencies (very few but it makes contributor life so much easier)  I am talking about AI algorithm that is recognising image and by comparison it suggest key wording and categories, with careful review of the algorithm results contributor is then able to keyword submitted file so much faster and more accurate therefore time is saved on otherwise rather long process....
создал Sebastian423,
on 09/10/2018
263 просмотров
7 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/27/2018,
добавил PKpix
What happened to 'most downloaded'?
I would like to keep a track of my sales for each image....
создал Heathse,
on 09/16/2018
168 просмотров
8 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/18/2018,
добавил Tempestz
Batch submission of unfinished files
Is there a way to batch submit a bunch of files....
создал Membio,
on 09/30/2013
8,112 просмотров
38 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/17/2018,
добавил Robertogalan1983
Payment level
создал Philinnz,
on 08/03/2018
258 просмотров
4 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/07/2018,
добавил Paintpixel
Please refund me!!
I never accepted this subscription....
создал Zivnetta,
on 09/04/2018
184 просмотров
3 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/04/2018,
добавил Mhamad
over a thousand photos accepted and only two sales !...
создал Christiaenhector,
on 12/26/2017
1,317 просмотров
21 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/03/2018,
добавил Andrewmits
Give credit to photographers for public domain images
I recently stumbled across a collection of images of mine posted on Dreamstime through Google searches I did for images I've uploaded to a free stock image site....
создал Suzyhazelwood789,
on 08/20/2018
344 просмотров
14 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/02/2018,
добавил Visionimaging
Approved image is not showing in search results
Hi,  I am searching one of my uploads in DT search using several keywords from the list I have used....
создал Sardoming,
on 06/07/2016
1,433 просмотров
8 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 08/29/2018,
добавил Jakeywakey886
Organizing images for one client on one pdf for invoicing purposes
I am a designer and purchaser of images from Dreamstime....
создал Lchoskins,
on 08/20/2018
129 просмотров
1 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 08/21/2018,
добавил Malinash
About exclusive bonus  ЗАКРЫТО
My current situation is:21459 file 2237 sales,How can we continue to get exclusive incentives?...
создал Mengtianhan,
on 08/16/2018
224 просмотров
1 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 08/17/2018,
добавил Malinash
Next step up from SONY DSC-RX 100?
Hi, All,   I've been using a SONY DSC-RX 100 for the past several years, and like it....
создал Studeb,
on 06/22/2018
308 просмотров
3 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 08/13/2018,
добавил Daross1
Tax form issue
Hello i'm a new contributor from Tunisia and i'm really confused on how to fill the tax form on dreamstime, my country has a tax treaty of 15% with the US and don't require to pay taxes on money that i earn from a job i did in a foreign country, i have no idea what ITIN is, so what is suitable for me to choose:  1- U....
создал sarraart,
on 08/05/2018
165 просмотров
2 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 08/06/2018,
добавил sarraart

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