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JPEG in Photoshop
Hello,  Just curious, has anyone ever tried to process a JPEG in Photoshop....
создал Jp582chi,
on 04/27/2018
507 просмотров
5 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 07/09/2018,
добавил Arolbaby
Selective Color and Merger
I'm sorry if this seems like a stupid question but just wondering:  If you use a selective color layer then did not do there merge with the background layer and save the image as a JPEG, is the image damaged or not as distinct in terms of details and colors, would you see a substantial difference?...
создал Jp582chi,
on 04/30/2018
338 просмотров
2 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 05/01/2018,
добавил Jp582chi
How Big Is 3 MP?
I'm sorry this sounds ignorant, but I really don't know how to make sure my work that I submit is at least 3 MPs....
создал Craftmans,
on 12/31/2008
16,130 просмотров
16 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 04/22/2018,
добавил Visionimaging
I know you have several options for merging layers in Photoshop: merger visible, merge down, flatten image....
создал Jp582chi,
on 04/18/2018
160 просмотров
2 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 04/19/2018,
добавил Therealdarla
What do you edit, in Photoshop?
I personally don't have photoshop, but im thinking about getting it....
создал Vitabello,
on 08/21/2014
6,258 просмотров
29 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 04/11/2018,
добавил Rejittiachan
Questions regarding some filter functions
I have recently tried to upload a few images that were denied for DT....
создал Wgwinews,
on 09/26/2013
4,090 просмотров
6 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 12/30/2017,
добавил Rik57
Transparent background question
I have a clip art that has a white background....
создал Betterdaysrescue,
on 06/02/2016
3,254 просмотров
9 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/25/2017,
добавил Benjaminbooten
Free Google Nik Collection
The range of tools in the Nik collection used to cost hundreds of pounds and is now free....
создал Steveacer,
on 02/11/2017
1,463 просмотров
9 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 09/07/2017,
добавил RobbieChin
Can I edit My photos in photoshop before I upload them here?
Hello There all....
создал Greatali,
on 09/02/2014
4,530 просмотров
8 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 07/21/2017,
добавил Adoara
How to make 3d jpeg image very clear at 100 percent
создал Billy23577,
on 07/19/2017
455 просмотров
3 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 07/20/2017,
добавил Rik57
Image size
on uploading jpegs the image size must be a minimum of 3mg is this the image size when it is opened in photoshop or the image size that appears for an unopened image as they differ greatly....
создал Kelleherdesign,
on 06/02/2017
801 просмотров
2 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 06/02/2017,
добавил Kelleherdesign
Why is Prisma becoming more popular compared to other photo-editing apps?  ЗАКРЫТО
Is it?...
создал Jannatul18,
on 07/26/2016
2,349 просмотров
11 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 04/30/2017,
добавил Seawatch1
Not sRGB when exported from photoshop
Hello everyone....
создал Store62,
on 01/30/2017
932 просмотров
3 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 01/31/2017,
добавил Store62
How I Use My Dreamstime Purchases
Thank you to the wonderful photographers who have offered their images for sale on Dreamstime....
создал Photojersey,
on 08/02/2016
1,391 просмотров
12 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 08/06/2016,
добавил Photojersey
Remove background  ЗАКРЫТО
I am searching for a company that can remove the background from my photos to post to a website....
создал Sterlingdesignusa,
on 01/05/2009
10,132 просмотров
19 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 06/26/2016,
добавил Daclippingpath
Resizing image in PS?
I have an image that's slightly noisy/blurry at the full file size....
создал Ninam4,
on 11/26/2006
6,436 просмотров
20 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 04/08/2016,
добавил Jannatul18
Advice for someone new to Photoshop
If for example someone new to Photoshop need to use it in a photo competition, what are the very basic functions in photo adjustment that they need to learn as essentials?...
создал Unteroffizier,
on 02/22/2016
1,994 просмотров
9 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 03/28/2016,
добавил Curtwill7
Help please
I purchased corel paintshop pro x8,when I make any very small adjustment to any pic it takes that image from like an 8mp down to like a 1....
создал Chrisupchurch68,
on 03/04/2016
1,474 просмотров
6 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 03/05/2016,
добавил Chrisupchurch68
Yet Another Gradient Banding Problem
I have an image of the sky, it's storm clouds in the distance after the sun has set....
создал Wisconsinart,
on 08/25/2014
3,504 просмотров
5 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 01/30/2016,
добавил Davidebner
How to make specialized Doodle for Google?
Step 1: Learn to draw and design....
создал Jannatul18,
on 10/28/2015
2,190 просмотров
1 собщений
Последнее сообщение: on 11/30/2015,
добавил Therealdarla

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Показаны темы 1 - 20 из 323