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Arnd Rockser


Leipzig, Germany
Arnd Rockser (Fotoarts)

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I am working hard on making my portfolio grow as fast as possible - but with limited success due to a notorious lack of time ...


All files are shot in RAW, developed, saved as TIF and there professionally retouched and finally saved once as JPG to maintain highest quality possible.

Thank you for visiting my profile - I hope you´ll find some pictures you like. Any hint for what you will use the pictures would be much appreciated.


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April 12, 2009
Rolleiflex T, Canon EOS 40d, Canon EOS 5d MKII, various L - lenses, Profoto D1 Air studio flash system ... and, of course, lots of additional equipment ...
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Everything wich is in any relation to nature and people. But of course photography with all it´s aspects is my passion.
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