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На сайте с: February 3, 2006

Born : London, England
Living: Queensland, Australia
Speciality: Topside & Underwater Videography, Timelapse Photography

Below are some sample collections of my stock video footage for you to view.
Please feel free to contact me for any specific shot or micro stock video you may need, i can usually upload it within a few days.
Enjoy !

Underwater Video, Timelapse Photography.

Paul is an experienced photographer & videographer, producing creative imagery for all types of clients including small business & individuals, he is involved in all genres of videography & stock footage imagery including underwater stock video.
Born in London,England, Paul moved to Australia in early 2000 to continue producing photography, video & Underwater microstock Video & other forms of art. His photographic and video assignments have included documenting all kinds of underwater video and land based subjects.
Любимые объекты:
Underwater Photography / Videography, Timelapse Photography, Artistic nudes, Portraiture & Glamour

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