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The nickname "Innovari" (meaning innovation or renewal in Latin) has been with me since I came across Syd Mead's prototype car design of the same name in his wonderful book "Sentinel." This work, with its air of "a new era of design"—along with the works of many SF and fantasy illustrators (such as Chris Foss, Peter Elson, Angus McKie, Chris Moore, Jim Burns, and Fred Gambino)—drove me over the years to do my own artwork.

"Fantastic fiction" always had a remarkable weight in my whole personal and professional life. I have been a professional SF author, I edited a fantasy and horror movie magazine, and for ten years have been chief modelmaker in my own special effects company.

In the last decade my creativity has leaned towards computer graphics and 3D illustrations in particular—with which I wanted to create professional artworks for books and magazines. I'm happy to say that in recent years this objective has been fulfilled, with many works sold worldwide to private and corporate clients.

Currently I'm building my worlds in Bologna, Italy, where I share a home with my wife Raffaella and our cats Leeloo and Merlin.

Luca Oleastri


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