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Randall Shirley


Vancouver, Canada

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На сайте с: June 6, 2006


I'm a travel "triple-threat" : photographer, writer, and TV personality based in Vancouver, B.C.--often called the world's most livable city; I agree. Being a travel triple-threat creates great opportunities to see much of the world and get paid (barely) for doing it. I love it. My photography reflects the destinations I visit. I have no interest in studio work, complicated lighting and equipment, etc. I do, however, try to take time during my travels to do photography well--waiting for great light, waiting for the right people to wander by, etc. Most of my photography is used for editorial; thus I don't often need release forms. It sucks when I do, cause that's a pain...and people aren't as natural when they know they're being photographed.

Cheers, and check out my Randall Shirley Travel Writer website!
Nikon D70s, SB800 Speedlight
Любимые объекты:
Travel, New York, store windows, gay couples

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