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Michael Melgar


Great Neck, United States

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На сайте с: August 13, 2007


I've been using a camera since I was 10 years old. My father was/is a profeesional photograher ( commercial photography, magazine payouts, catalogs, package design) and used to hand his old cameras down to us ( Nikon SLR was the last one). The advent of digitaly photography really got me interested in this again. Having three kids gave me incentive as well. I don't think I could ever do this full time though. I wouldn't want the pressure of having to produce to pay the bills, so I plan on hanging on to my day job - no comments please :-) It is fun to do for a little extra cash though. And if I can make a little money here maybe I won't feel too guilty buying new equipment.
Fuji S602Z, Fuji S9000, Canon 400D. Sigma 18-200 DC OS, Canon 50mm F1.8 Canon 70-200
Любимые объекты:
Water droplets, scenery, children

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