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Matt Antonino


Plymouth, United States

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На сайте с: May 25, 2004


Dreamstime says a good lengthy artistic statement helps with search engine placement so even though I hate writing these things and think they are irrelevant to my images here goes!

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer focusing on food photography for stock. Our wedding photo business employs 6 photographers including myself and my partner as the owners and the studio does between 40-60 weddings a year. We also shoot senior portraits, families and maternity pictures.

As far as stock, my life is food. I used to shoot a lot of model images and still upload those sometimes but mainly I shoot food now. Twice a week you'll find me hunched over some new meal. Do you think keywording the artistic statement helps by the way? They didn't mention. Meal, food, home, kitchen, menu, lunch, dinner, burger. I don't know, we'll see!

Hope that's long enough!

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Мухомор Muscaria var. formosa Стоковые ФотоМухомор Muscaria var. formosaВремяпровождение Стоковое ИзображениеВремяпровождениеСтул личной охраны Стоковая Фотография RFСтул личной охраны