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Glasgow, United Kingdom

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I am a professional broadcast video editor who takes pictures for pleasure. Most of my photography is informed by my interest in space, seeing the Earth as a planetary surface with its own unique character, including what we build on it. Therefore I like to shoot landscapes and buildings.

My interest in photography came from my father who was a rostrum cameraman in broadcasting and who trusted me with his first SLR. For me, the craft has blossomed with the advent of digital, allowing a freedom to take what is seen without fear of cost, and freedom to subtly adjust images so the artist's perception can be more accurately transmitted to the viewer.

I use a Canon EOS 5D DSLR. For images of the Moon and planets, I use a Meade 0.2-metre telescope with Philips webcam.
Canon EOS 5D, 24-105mm IS lens, 70-300mm IS lens.
Любимые объекты:
Moon, landscapes, buildings, natural subjects

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штольн Глазго Стоковое Фотоштольн Глазголето dalmore Стоковая Фотографиялето dalmoremanish гавани Стоковые Фотоmanish гаваниdalmore пляжа солнечное Стоковые Изображенияdalmore пляжа солнечноеwindscreen льда Стоковое Фотоwindscreen льдаотражение броненосца Стоковое Изображение RFотражение броненосцавиноградины красные Стоковое фото RFвиноградины красныепанорама художественной галереи Стоковые Изображения RFпанорама художественной галереипанорама minerve Стоковые Фотопанорама minerve


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