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Przemyslaw Szablowski


Lublin, Poland

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На сайте с: December 23, 2008

I started my true history with photography when I was 18. Then, in 2008, I got my first digital SLR from my parents. It was simply, non advanced model Sony Alfa 200 with Sony 18-70 f/3,5-5,6 DT. Since this day, I was taking pictures everyday, in every place, everytime... and I was still buying the new lenses, body, flash and much more...
Nikon D800 / Sigma 12-24/4,5-5,6 / Tamron 24-70/2,8 VC / Nikkor 70-300/4,5-5,6 VR / Nikkor 50/1,4 / Nikkor 28-300/3,5-5,6 VR / Nikon SB-900
Любимые объекты:
Nature - animals, landscapes, waterscapes and sky Cityscapes at night Events Planes

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