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Ollie Taylor


Portland, United Kingdom

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На сайте с: April 20, 2009


Spending way to much time on the computer not enough with the camera, unfortunately, my day job entails being in front of a screen as an architectural designer.....However....More time behind the lens is on the cards post July 2012...Watch this space.

Current full time Employment: A&Q Partnership Ltd
Part time: Freelance photographer
Remainder of time: Red wine, Photoshop, & 3DS Max.

BA(Hons) Architectural- Design
B-Tec Diploma- Photography
Diploma- Professional Practice
Back to a 5D Mk2 again, happy days Previous equiptment: Cannon eos 60D, Canon 5DMK2, PENTAX 645n, Fuji fine pix compact, Nikon D70 & Cannon eos 20d, Nikon F80
Любимые объекты:
Architecture, Low light seascapes, Landscapes, Creative portraits and urban portrait scenes.

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