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Born April 3, 1943 Los Angeles, CA
Education: Burbank High School, Hollywood High School, Glendale College, Berklee School of Jazz, Orange Coast College, UCLA.

One of my first musical memories was the trumpet my dad gave me in 1953, which led to my playing the drums in 1954. He also gave me a Leica camera which was the beginning of a very long relationship with photography and art....which continues to this day.
I became the school photographer taking all the shots for the newspapers and yearbook. I carried around a 4x5 speed Graflex and spent nights in the darkroom. My music career took off very early and I was fortunate to have played drums on some of the earliest rockabilly and R&B hits of the late 50's and early 60's.

During a music career that spanned 35 years I was fortunate to play on some of the biggest records of all time. I also produced and composed the music for hundreds of TV shows and Feature films and produced over 45 hit jazz and R&B albums. During all those years in music I never stopped working with photography and art. I owned and ran a successful photo studio in Laguna Beach where I shot Many album covers, photographed numerous women for all the top Model agencies and did commercial catalog work for magazines and worldwide antique dealers. I have exhibited my photography and paintings throughout L.A. in one-man shows, as well as group exhibits, and have collectors around the world.

In The last 5 years I have been teaching private one on One students at My Studio In Los Angeles and also group Workshops around the World and something I Truly enjoy to give back for a great life I've had in the Arts . I love every aspect of Image making and every subject from Food,Architecture,Glamour,Fineart portraiture,landscape and products.

I just completed My first book in a 4 Book series Called "The Beginners Guide to Microstock Photography" Next up is Food Photography, Portrait Photography and then Landscape Photography.
Laurin Rinder
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Nikon D3,nikon lenses,Hasselblad H3Hensel Lighting
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