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Barbara Birgisdottir


Algorfa, Spain

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На сайте с: October 8, 2008


I´ve been involved in photography since 1988. I graduated from The Art Institute Of Fort Lauderdale in 1999, with an AS degree in Photography and The award of Best Portfolio in The program of Photography . I owned my own business in Iceland, a portrait studio, for 5 years.
Canon Eos-1 D Mark III Lens 70-200mm L USM Canon EOS 20D lens 17-85mm Epson 7800 PRO MAMYIA 645
Любимые объекты:
People in an old fashioned style and timeless is my keyword for photographing people, although photographing for stock is different. After I moved to Spain I also like photographing landscapes that look old, old houses, doors and windows.

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