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Bassett, United States

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На сайте с: August 31, 2007


I began my photography journey about 8 years ago, getting my first camera from a pawn shop. I watched what others were doing on web sites, such as Photo Ally, where I posted my first ever image. I am self taught and I am really happy that I chose the road to self discovery. I feel I have a better appreciation for my work and the work of others.
I also started out using film and about a year later made the switch to digital. I feel Digital has opened so many other doors for me and expanded my creative horizons. I once had someone ask me what was going to be my specialty in photography. I just laughed and said I was going to do it all. I do not want to limit myself. I think photography is a great way to express myself.
I hope you enjoy my gallery as much as I enjoy making the images.

Darren Fisher
The Photo Guy
Canon Rebel xt 70/300 18/55 28/200
Любимые объекты:
Landscapes, Waterfalls, Creeks, and of course stock.

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