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That first one is a copyright and trademark violation. Was that why his account was deleted?There can sometimes be a delay between deleting an image, and its thumbnail being removed from the database, but it will not be sold during this period.

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They want a property release, showing that you used your own photo as a reference, and not someone else's.Fill out a property release for yourself. Unless you didn't use your own picture?

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Upload it as a jpg illustration. That's what it is. It is not an additional file.

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Darla Hallmark


Albuquerque, United States
Darla Hallmark (Therealdarla)

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I never like writing these things, I think I am rather boring. My work is much more interesting than I am.

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May 31, 2006
Nikon D70, standard lens
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flowers, dirt, holes in the ground, animals, garbage, etc.
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