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Hi, my name is Rose Waddell. Since I decided to enter the world of photography, I have found myself seeing more of the beauty of nature everywhere I go. I am grateful to have found a work that I will never grow tired of. In the past I have talked about the many times that I had seen beautiful images along my travels but had not taken the time to get photos of them. They were moments in time that exist only in my memory. Now, whenever I travel, whether in the United States or to other countries, I will have the pleasure of capturing those scenes of nature that I would have just driven past in former years. It has been a way of slowing down, stopping the car, and taking a longer look at the wonders around me. I began my photography in 1993, and I plan to continue being a photographer for the rest of my life.
I use a Nikon D700 digital SLR camera with NIKKOR 28-300 lens. I also use a tripod whenever necessary.
Любимые объекты:
I take a variety of photos such as people, animals, scenics, and still life.

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