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My name is Will Brodt. I have been a freelance photographer for 4 years now. Thats when I quit my real job to help my wife Denise with her graphic design business in Petaluma CA. http://www.grafixoncall.com. The business got to big for her alone so...My work is mostly food and product photography for ads and package design. However, I love to shoot landscapes and flowers. I have loved photography since I was a kid. I worked at KFC to make enough money ($285.00) to purchase my first Pentax 35mm. 34 years later I still have that camera. Now I use an Olympus E10 digital and Mamiya 645 with a digital back. But I can still remember the excitement when I got the Pentax. I have been a shutterbug ever since. Good Luck to you all...and keep on clickin'
Mamiya 645 film with Phase One H5 digital back Olympus E10 as back up Many lights PC and Mac using Photoshop and Capture One
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