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James Mattil


Las Vegas, United States

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An adventurer, entrepreneur and former US State Department official, my background includes experience in world flashpoints from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Baghdad, Iraq and elsewhere. Always attracted to photojournalism, I've now focused on furthering my photography as a way to provide insights into the natural world we live in and the artificial world we have created.
Sony DSLR A-850 Sony DSLR/SLT A-77 Sony DSLR A-200 Sony DSLR A-100 Minolta SLR 7000i Minolta SLR 3000 Pentax Optio A40
Любимые объекты:
Nothing excites like grizzly bears and wolves in the wild. Both are challenging subjects, uncooperative, wary, potentially dangerous and always moving in low light situations.

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