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Why you need our amazing plugin:
  • insert images into your posts and pages from over 75,000,000 professional stock photos, without leaving WordPress;
  • download directly from Dreamstime's database of free and commercial Royalty Free images directly from your WordPress Add Media tool;
  • all images are model released and properly attributed so they are 100% safe to use without ever having to worry about later model or photographer claims;
  • you can also make money with automatic Dreamstime referral program integration.
You CAN:
  • place images anywhere in your blog post
  • add as many images as you want
  • illustrate your posts with beautiful, relevant images that will make your readers stay longer and come back to your site more often

The Dreamstime WordPress plugin is safe and simple and gives you full control!

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75M Images in 3 steps

Illustrate your blog posts as easy as 1,2,3 choosing from millions of professional stock photos. Quickly find images and automatically insert them into your posts simply by installing the Dreamstime WordPress plugin. Specifically designed for a faster and easier blogging experience.

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