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Kavala, Greece

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My name is Mavroudakis Fotis i live in Kavala a beautiful city in the northern part of Greece and I am interested in photography since 1988 when i first bought my first camera a Pentax Program A. Photography is my passion and it is my way to express myself and my creativity. I get a great deal of pleasure from this wonderful hobby.

The North east Greece is my home, where many of my photographs are taken in particular in the region of Kavala, where I live. I am within two hours drive of some spectacular scenery, including seascapes, lakes, lagoons, rivers majestic mountain ranges where I can be found most during weekends.

My main field of interest is landscape and travel photography as i love being in nature and discover new places.

I have also won various national awards and some international acclaims.
Nikon d700 nikon 24-70 f2.8s nikon 70-200 f2.8s nikon 300 f4s nikon 80 f1.4 nikon 135 dc f2.0 nikon sb900
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landscape and travel photography

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