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Hi Everyone,

My wife Amy and I are stock lifestyle photographers based out of Seattle. We shoot all models of Stock from RM to Micro and feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful way to make a living. If you ever have a question or a comment please contact us at your convenience.
2 Canon 1DS Mark 3 and every type of light and modifier you could possibly think of. 40 light sources in all from Profoto to Kino's. That's what 20 years of being a photographer that can't sell his equipment will get you :) I still have 3 4x5"s in the studio and I just can't part with any of them.
Любимые объекты:
Family, Photography, Soccer, Movies, Music, good food and travel.

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деятельность стола коммерсантки последняя серьезная стоковые изображениядеятельность стола коммерсантки последняя серьезная


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viewing компьтер-книжки пар стоковое изображение rfviewing компьтер-книжки пар

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