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Winthrop Brookhouse


Hot Springs, United States

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На сайте с: January 12, 2005


As an artist I use any media or style to bring to fulfillment the world of my inner thoughts. I choose the media or style in an effort to get as close to crossing the bridge from what is in my mind to what is brought through my body into reality.

The computer is the physical aid in creating. I view the programs as my paint brushes and working tools to interpret my ideas into the physical world.

Therefore I do not view myself as a computer artist but as an artist who's tools reside inside of a computer. My work represents areas of ideas that are usually related to where I am in the development of my life and the interpretation of the world around me.
Digital cameras,illustrator, blender, photoshop, inkscape, gimp
Любимые объекты:
I have a very diverse interest in both art and photography. Imagery runs the entire gamut of ideas and subjects. I also have an ongoing love of music composition.

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