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Alex Centrella


Fresno, United States

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Alex Centrella is an award-winning photographer who grew up in California. He started photographing at a early age and continued to explore the art in years to come. While pursuing a Professional Degree in Photography he studied every element of photography in every course that was available. After college he continued to learn and develop his own technique and style of photography and settled on journalism and scenic photography as his primary subjects. He continued to use manual style film-based equipment for several years. Later, with the advent of the digital camera, he was drawn to the ability to combine his technological background with his art.
Alex Centrella strongly believes in photography, not only as a fine art form, but more importantly as a method of communication.
Alex Centrella continues to work and live in California.

All images are copyrighted by alex centrella. All Rights Reserved.
Cameras: Nikon F Nikon FTN Nikkormat Lieca M3 Cambo 4 x 5 28mm 35mm 50mm 105mm 200mm Canon 40D

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