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Hi guys, this thread is 10 days old and 15 contributors had something to say on it so far. I understand that sometimes things don't go the way we're planning, but it's not always someone else to blame for that. It's just a competitive ... [Читать дальше...]

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Viorel Dudau


Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Viorel Dudau (Dudau)

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Never in my life had I thought I would become a photographer... It all started as a small business, in a small town, for small money. I bought my first (small) camera to shoot graduation portraits in high schools. But then, having a digital camera, I took it anywhere with me, and shot everything I saw. This is how the passion grew on me. Photography soon became my passion, my job, my life. The passion got bigger, the camera got bigger, and the money also (because I never forgo ... ещё

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May 30, 2005
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