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На сайте с: July 5, 2007

I've always had an interest for photography since my late teens. I've owned an Olympus film camera since 1990. About two years ago I purchased my 1st digital camera, a Canon P & S. Recently, I decided to upgrade to a digital SLR and in March I purchased the Nikon D40. Well, it didn't take long before my ambitious love of photography lead me to upgrade this weekend to the Nikon D200. Yay! This is definitely a blessing. I can't wait to begin shooting and uploading photos from my new gear.

I've learned much from the forums as well as DT members. I am looking forward to continue learning and improving my work flow. I hope to be able to provide quality images that will suit the requirements of DT clients.

"To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor".

Oliver Wendell Holmes
Nikon D200 18-135mm, 50mm 1.8, Tamron macro 90mm, set of AB800, and a few light modifiers.
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People, nature, still objects. I also love macro shots. <script src="http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> _uacct = "UA-2520425-1"; urchinTracker(); </script>

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