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“Photography, to me, is life,” says Phoenix-based photographer Mark Skalny. “The best shots come from that brief moment where the light is just right and you completely connect with your subject. I view my world and my life through a lens.”

Having worked with a wide array of clients—from small business owners to large corporations—and to shooting for publications such as Cowboys and Indians, W Magazine and Men’s Vogue, Mark’s experience gives him the vision to capture exactly what the client wants, even if they aren’t quite certain at the outset themselves.

Originally from New York, Mark’s move to the Southwest instilled a deep appreciation for nature and our changing world. “The desert holds a very specialized microcosm of life in its maze of canyons, mountains, bajadas, arroyos, alluvial plains, and sand dunes,” he says. “Diversity seems to be the key to life here,” he claims, which is evident in Mark’s business philosophy.

“With such an incredible mix of people and places in the world, there are no boundaries to the types of images I can capture.” Ranging from travel and landscape photography to food and wine, fashion, architecture and event photography, Mark’s abilities are boundless.

Through his innovative websites, he provides his clients with immediate access to images along with a library containing thousands of stock images. His commitment to excellence and creativity grows with each new shooting opportunity. “I am always hearing clients telling me how easy I am to work with,” Mark says, humbly. “It’s such a great compliment.” He also teaches motivational workshops to educate and inspire photographers.

When not photographing on assignment, Mark is an avid fly fisherman, and he loves to travel and explore the sights, sounds and tastes of the world. But, Mark readily admits, he is rarely without his camera!
Nikon D3s

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