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Hi Olga, it seems there was a glitch on the review page and your property releases were not visible. We've approve your image and it'll be available soon.

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Some images were sent back to unfinished for you to upload as escalate to level 5. You might need to upload them again as they are assignment files. We can refuse them if you prefer but I though you might want to have another chance rather than have them ... [Читать дальше...]

размещено в New assignment: Love my work place

Hello contributors,if you find your image back to unfinished files know that it was sent there with the purpose of not adding a refusal to your account and pointing towards escalating said image to level 5. Some of you have probably used all their upload ... [Читать дальше...]

размещено в New assignment: Love my work place

Ioana Grecu


Bucharest, Romania
Ioana Grecu (Nikitu)

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Senior Editor/Admin and Social Media Wizard at Dreamstime. I have enjoyed photography ever since my father first introduced me in the world of arts as a child. Although I have not chosen a career as a photographer I happened to come across a job here, at your favorite microstock site, in 2005. That is when things took a 180 degrees turn and photography took its well deserved place in my life. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of photographers grow and mature into their portfolios and that is ... ещё

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May 12, 2005
Canon 6D, Canon G1x,Canon 550d, Canon 40d, Canon G10, Canon 20d, Canon 300v (film), assorted lenses
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you don't choose your subject, the subject chooses you.
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