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Business Owner. Entrepreneur. Unix System Administrator. Web Site Architect. Project Manager. Programmer. Mentor.... Photographer. All of the above titles have been used to describe Brett, and all only tell part of the story.

A native of Connecticut, Brett Rabideau has drawn heavily on her background in computer programming and database design to build a successful Internet Web Site Hosting and Consulting company with clients from all over the globe. Brett has been active on the Internet since 1994, and provides advanced technical and project management skills while supporting and promoting women in technical roles on the Internet.

While being highly technical, Brett possesses a distinct fascination for the design end of the work, and enjoys interacting between technical people, designers, and clients, often times acting as an interpretor between the different roles in a project. In photography, she has found an outlet for her creative side, and photographs what others seek for their creative projects.

Brett welcomes feedback on her images, and would love to hear about how you've used them in your projects!
Nikon D70, Nikon Coolpix 995, Pentax K1000.
Любимые объекты:
individual objects that designers require for their projects.

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