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Omar Algenii


Sant\'omero Teramo, Italy

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Omar Algenii born, professionally speaking, as a graphic designer in 1994, the year, however, which follows maturity. Immediately, collect a number of important collaborations with some of the most representative studies of graphics and communications agencies in the provinces of Teramo and Ascoli Piceno. In 1999, started an important collaboration with Proel SpA that led him to be at the end of eight years of epserienza, the division responsible for Graphic and Visual Resource, an integrated department in Maketing dpt Abruzzo house. Over the years, follows a specialization in lighting from fotoripresa, organized and directed by Image Consultant, Milan, and attends the Technical Advertising Professional (TPP) at the Association of TP Milan itself. Since 2003, matures and refines knowledge of photographer integrating the various experiences and placing their qualification status of photodesigner, which is a professional able to create, implement, perfezionane image intended for advertising purposes. In recent years attention primarily on projects devoted to advertising campaigns, including large format below the line of signing and packaging. In July 2007 Photografare born, followed immediately by Etruska communication, respectively Photodesign and communications agency dedicated to creating, implementing projects aimed at supporting the operational marketing and advertising. In 2006, he began to publish images on a European site that brings together works by photographers from around the world; immediately exalts colleagues and fans with a series of images that is selected position in the virtual gallery of the site. Later, Omar will be invited to exhibit in two group exhibitions, including one held to mark the 49th Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, titled “The language of the eyes”, held in the splendid setting of the historic town of Umbria, in the company other 50 authors from all over Italy. In July 2006, during the “Musincanto” event dedicated to world music, held in the beautiful setting of Castelrotto, near Verona, Omar has a personal “Forms of Sound”, a series of photographs documents to tell the sweet euphony images “sounding” which then starts the first book of the series “Tales of Light”. The natural inclination of the artist or his personal passion for “imaging”, he comes to want to experiment with new types of recovery, fusing the capability to steer the light, even in bright “daylight” the possibility to
Canon Eos 5d Mark II Fuji finepix s3
Любимые объекты:
industrial still-life - ADV - fashoin

Последние фото

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высокотехнологично Стоковое Изображениевысокотехнологичновычерченный флаг Италия Стоковая Фотография RFвычерченный флаг Италиямир карты связи электронный Стоковое Изображениемир карты связи электронныйвыставка лазера Стоковое Фотовыставка лазерахудожническая притяжка фотовольтайческая Стоковые Изображения RFхудожническая притяжка фотовольтайческаязеленый высокий техник интерфейса Стоковая Фотографиязеленый высокий техник интерфейсакрокодиловая кожа Стоковые Фотографии RFкрокодиловая кожаcube rubik s Стоковые Фотографии RFcube rubik sнажим соединения Стоковые Фотографии RFнажим соединения


предпосылка высокотехнологичная Стоковое фото RFпредпосылка высокотехнологичнаяпредпосылка высокотехнологичная Стоковые Изображенияпредпосылка высокотехнологичнаяпредпосылка высокотехнологичная Стоковое Фотопредпосылка высокотехнологичнаямир техника карты предпосылки высокий Стоковые Изображения RFмир техника карты предпосылки высокийпредпосылка высокотехнологичная Стоковое фото RFпредпосылка высокотехнологичнаяпредпосылка высокотехнологичная Стоковая Фотография RFпредпосылка высокотехнологичнаяпредпосылка высокотехнологичная Стоковое Изображениепредпосылка высокотехнологичнаяпредпосылка высокотехнологичная Стоковые Фотографии RFпредпосылка высокотехнологичнаяпредпосылка высокотехнологичная Стоковое Фотопредпосылка высокотехнологичная

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