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Clearlake Oaks, United States

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With over 30 years of photographic experience, ilumus photography understands the value of excellent imagery. With a focus on architecture and interiors, culinary and fine dining—my editorial work—written and photographic—is featured in business, life, and design publications throughout the West.

As a digital pioneer, I was an early adopter in the high-resolution digital revolution. I shoot state-of-the-art 12.3 mega-pixel, full-frame Canon cameras, equipped with crystal-clar L glass, and my studio is equipped with enough Macintosh firepower to keep Steve Jobs in German cars for years.

My creativity is founded in collaboration and enlivened through education. An avid researcher with a passion for art and architecture, preparations include meeting with stakeholders (the earlier the better), site review, orientation, landscape constraints and the minutiae—like knowing when the sun rises and sets. As in life, timing is everything.

An expert in post-production—from print to Internet— I`m technology savvy, adept in end-use requirements, and fluent in designer-speak. But most importantly, I know how to create stellar photography—on time and within budget, with no headaches.

When you need exceptional imagery, try ilumus.

Ramona d’Viola, Principal

Ms. d’Viola received her photography education while serving in the United States Marine Corps. For the past three decades she has traveled extensively, covering and participating in noteworthy events such as the 1985 Women’s Tour de France, the 2001 Australian Paddleboard World Championships, and the 2003 World Record setting Women’s Full Moon Paddle from Cuba to Key West.

d`Viola is a regular columnist and photographer for San Diego Home/Garden Lifes magazine, San Diego Magazine, Garden Compass, Biz San Diego,and Northern California’s Inside Surf and Adventure Sports Journal magazines.

Founded in 2006, ilumus photography is based in San Diego, California.
Canon 5D, Canon 40D, with a quiver of L glass and mighty good eye.
Любимые объекты:
Architecture, interiors, food, flowers, my friends, and my famous dog - The Mighty Mighty Mellow Milo!

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