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Guimarães, Portugal

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People, Architecture and Nature photographer, Rui Vale de Sousa is a native of the north of Portugal, the first capital of the country, Guimaraes, where he grew up.

Early on, he developed a love for photography, mostly of landscapes and nature, packing along a 35mm camera during his hiking and climbing days. He bought his first camera, a Canon WP1, to picture his radical sports.
At the same time we started, the first photography community of Portugal, just for a wile, until Tiago Fonseca made a new and better one.

After that he bought his first Nikon, a F60 and a Nikon FM10, when he really decided to learn more about photography.

The following year he started a lomography club in his hometown with a LCA: Lomo Kompact Automat. The club was called LEG, "Lomo Em Guimaraes".

A couple of years later, Rui and his best friend António Jorge Nunes, started the most important photography community of Portugal:

In the digital life, he started with a Minolta 7i and now uses a Canon 5Dmk2.

Rui shoots only in digital at the moment.
Sony R1 / Nikon D200 / Minolta Dimage 7i/ Canon 5D/ Canon 5Dmk2/
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