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Oh great. Now they've changed the Earnings Balance to a dark green on a black background so that it's harder to read. What's up with that?

размещено в Dreamstime, with a different look

My download numbers have dropped considerably since this change. I've averaged 15 downloads per month over the past year. I've only had 3 downloads this month and have not had a download in 7 days. What's going on?

размещено в Dreamstime, with a different look

The previous design header was much better. You went to the home page and there it all was, your downloads and earnings, etc. What's the point of having to click on a down arrow to get the same stuff? Sometimes change for change sake doesn't wo ... [Читать дальше...]

размещено в Dreamstime, with a different look

Gary Arbach


Palm Springs, California, United States
Gary Arbach (Solidsdman)

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March 6, 2009
Canon T2i, XT and a variety of lenses.
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Nature, editorial, sports, animals.
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