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Adelaide, Australia

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About me:
I am a 38 year old photographer living in Adelaide, South Australia - I'm looking to make the shift to photography as a living, rather than as an additional income, and have always been around camera's since I was about 7...

These days I shoot mainly digital - I shoot for a few stock websites, and am happy to fulfil requests for images if I can.

Other than portraiture, I also do a reasonable amount of event photography, weddings, parties, etc - I shoot motor sport, water ski-ing, and for a number of clubs and organisations - ocassionally I need models for hair work, and also hand models for nail technicians...

I have won numerous trophies and competitions for my photography, and have been published several times. I can comfortably work to any kind of style you'd prefer, or maybe offer something a little different than work you've seen before.


Placed 40th from 17,000 entries in the Agfa International 'Sights of Nature' Competition, 2003

Top Exhibitor, Adelaide Camera Club, B Grade Mono Prints, 2003

Top Exhibitor, Adelaide Camera Club, B Grade Colour Prints, 2003

Top Exhibitor, Adelaide Camera Club, A Grade Mono Prints, 2004

Second Place, Adelaide Camera Club, A Grade Colour Prints, 2004

Fuji Champion Print, Adelaide Camera Club Annual Exhibition, 2003

Top Nature Print, Colour, Adelaide Camera Club, 2003

Top Nature Print, Mono, Adelaide Camera Club Annual Exhibition, 2004

Runner up, Adelaide 'Sky Show' Competition, Messenger Newspaper, 2004

Runner up, Adelaide 'Sky Show' Competition, Messenger Newspaper, 2005

Best Print, "Better Digital" Magazine, 2003

Published, "Wake" Magazine (Barefoot Skiing Magazine) 2005

Published, Messenger Newspaper, Adelaide 2005

Top Contributor, May 2005, ********Photo

Senior Staff Photographer, OZPhot Daily

Photographer for Motor Sport Board of South Australia, Clipsal 500, Adelaide, 2004

Official Photographer, National Transplant Games, Adelaide, 2004

Official Photographer, Awakening Easter Parade, Adelaide, 2005
Canon Eos 10D, asstd lenses, including 100mm macro, 580EX and MT24EX flashes...
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