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На сайте с: January 14, 2009


Hi, I'm Paul, Very new to the world of stock photography, but might I say, I am loving every minute of it! It is proving to be a massive learning curve, but I find it incredibly rewarding. I don't (as you will see) have a huge port folio at the moment with being a newbie and all that, but please, if you do take the time to view any of my work, feel free to get in touch with any feedback, I love it, nothing better than a little constructive criticism to help you on your way! At the moment I have a little soft box studio set up, just to get used to shooting isolated subjects, LOVE reflections, they are the 'in' thing at the moment I would guess, being a designer working in the advertising agency and using stock gives you a good idea of what people in the same industry are looking at at present so.. Done a little field work, but much prefer at the moment to work with my little studio set up. I love stock photography, and being a designer, I have seen plenty, which I think kind of triggered me into doing some of my own, it is more of a hobby rather than for the money at the moment, I have at present had ONE download, and yet THAT made me feel over the moon. The fact that someone has seen a piece of my work and thought 'yeah, I'd like to pay for that' Is payment in itself. Hope you enjoyed my chat. And as I said, ALL FEEDBACK WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS!!! cheers. Paul.

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