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I have the passion of witnessing life as it happens, moments that are seconds. Being in your favorite surroundings and capturing that moment whether it be a rainbow or a heavenly cloud. I do indeed try to portray a purity in my images with the understanding what the heavens would be like. In my path of understanding life, I enjoy experiencing our living planet.
F 100 35mm Camera N 80 35mm Camera D70s Digital Camera D200 Digital Camera 20mm, tack sharp Nikon Lens 24mm lens, 2.8 lens 180mm Portrait lens, 2.8 fast and tack sharp 55mm macro lens, 2.8 sharp, excellent sunstars 17-35mm Tamron lens, good all around lens, Point and shoot Canon SD800
Любимые объекты:
Travel Photography, Landscapes, abstracts, classic streamshots, sunsets, silhouettes(people involved), National parks, wildflowers,cityscapes, nightscenes, quirky subjects(abstract) close ups, sky phenomena, old buildings, rainbows, trees, South America, Peru, Argentina, Mendoza wine country, California-extensive. Buenos Aires. Colorado extensive, Wisconsin extensive, many more.

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