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What does it mean when it says: "Images left - 0 RF"? At first, I thought all my photos had been deactivated. There used to be an option where you could see the number of views of your photos and edit the title, description and keywords. Is it ... [Читать дальше...]

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Okay, this takes the cake. The photo is titled "Kangaroo Island, Australia. The koala resting on the tree."https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/kangaroo-island-australia-koala-resting-tree-s-third-largest-tasmania-melville-lies-state-south-59793263. ... [Читать дальше...]

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Agreed. If the image, title and / or description suggest a particular geographical location, then the keywords should follow suit. If an image clearly shows the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, then there shouldn't be keywords like Rome, Paris and Amsterd ... [Читать дальше...]

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Patrick Cooper


Penneshaw, Australia
Patrick Cooper (Visionimaging)

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