Slavenko Vukasovic


Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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I was born in Dubrovnik in 1975.
I graduated from Faculty of Civil Engineering in Podgorica. I am a founder and co-owner of Advertising agency branDS in Trebinje , where I work as a professional photographer, web designer and multimedia designer. Also, I am a founder and an executive director of Photo-Cinema Klub Trebinje. Also, I am a website editor in this club :
I am actively involved in art photography and some of my works were exhibited at exhibitions in BiH as well as at some international exhibitions, where I was awarded numerous prizes.
I am a member of Photographic Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUFBIH) in which I held title of a photographer of first class.
I have long-term experience of a teacher at courses of digital photography and software for image processing (Adobe Photoshop).
I am an author of numerous cultural projects.
I find myself a nature and outdoor activities lover.
I am an eager hiker and I am a member of mountaineering club 'Wolf’s tooth' in Trebinje (designer and editor of the website in this club
Nikon cameras and lenses, Multiblitz lighting
Любимые объекты:
Portraits, nature, landscape ...

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